A Professional Children’s and Family
Performers Conference

For All:

  • visual artists (including: drawing, painting, cartooning)
  • performing artists (including: music, dance, theater, storytelling, puppetry)
  • variety artists (including: magic, juggling, ballooning, circus arts),
  • demonstration artists (including: lecturers, craft programs, science shows)


  • Proven marketing ideas to target your market and increase your bookings and profitability
  • Insights on your messaging and how to connect to your target markets
  • Practical WEBSITE and SEO information to improve your web presence
  • Ideas to inspire your creativity
  • Education on current markets – Schools, Libraries, Parties, and more.
  • Real-world ideas to boost your business and marketing performance
  • A variety of usable resources
  • Connections and networking with other professionals and key contacts
  • A 1 day event providing you with years of experience and insights
  • FREE headshots available, while availability lasts, to attendee’s.
  • Hundreds of dollars in discounts on products and services.

Why PerformerCon is a MUST ATTEND event for all Children’s and family performers:

  • PerformerCon is a conference designed to benefit not only working professionals with information to generate more yearly bookings of their children’s and family programs, but also provide new and beginning performers with years of important information – ALL IN ONE DAY!
  • PerformerCon Speakers are all Professional Performers who, for years, have booked 1000’s of shows and will provide you will REAL insider information directly related to helping children’s and family performers stimulate their business.
  • PerformerCon’s exhibitors will provide resources to enhance all artist’s businesses and marketing.
  • PerformerCon will help you to maximize your professional and artistic skills, raise the level of your marketing and help you to boost your bookings.
  • PerformerCon is a MUST to all artists, performers, and presenters who are SERIOUS about their career and looking to increase their income’s.
Dream Shapers

Hosted by Dream Shapers

Dream Shapers Mission: Dream Shapers is a 501c3 non-profit arts organization whose mission is to promote and support independent visual, performing, variety, and demonstration presenters while establishing direct connections between their quality children’s and family programs and Southern California schools, libraries, preschools, cities, communities, and corporate organizations. About Dream Shapers

PerformerCon is an AMAZING one day event devoted to:

PerformerCon 2018

will be a highly informative and educational
conference designed to meet the
professional and artistic needs of
Children’s and Family Entertainers

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